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Reasons to Select Natural Products for Your Skincare Routine

Skincare has become very popular and people of all ages are getting into this subject as there have been several revolutions in the field. For example, clean beauty or skincare has been highlighted more and more where people have access to products with fewer ingredients without irritants such as fragrance. Instead of purchasing everything on the market, people are more careful about what they put on their body and normally gravitate towards products that can target problem areas instead of providing a general function.

It can be a little frustrating to read ingredients list on skincare products as there are many terms that we may not be familiar with. But there are many websites that have been created to provide some clarity on these ingredients. You can simply search the ingredients of a product or the product itself to see the ingredients and what their effect is. But natural skincare products have gained a lot of popularity today as they don’t contain harmful ingredients.

People are no longer blindly putting products on their skin without having an idea of the formulation or the actives included in it. Many products contain known carcinogens and other ingredients that are harmful to our body function. These can even be found in baby products! For example, if you see BHA or BHT in skincare products, these are used for preservative purposes. But they can contribute to skin allergies. So it is best to select products that have natural preservatives such as Vitamin E.

Lead is another ingredient that is banned in skincare products but many brands still use this at a level that is under the safety threshold. But even so, this can add up with continuous use. So you need to select products that use natural pigments to avoid this. If you compare a few natural beauty products with those containing a lot of harsh chemicals, you may notice that there is a difference in the smell.

Natural products tend to smell better. And many products that are formulated for sensitive skin are fragrance free. And artificial fragrance is created by many harsh chemicals that can lead to skin irritation. Continued use of products with artificial fragrance can cause allergic contact dermatitis. To avoid this, you can stick to natural products that are scented by essential oils. You can also select fragrance-free options.

Organic skincare is gentler on your skin compared to traditional products. The latter will work faster than organic skincare but this will come at a cost. There are strict regulations when it comes to organic skincare. They are regulated in much the same way as organic food. These will not contain any harsh chemicals, fertilisers or pesticide residue.

If you are concerned about your impact on the environment, you can actively select products and brands that are eco-friendly. These companies will use ingredients that have been created through sustainable farming practices. These skincare brands have originated with a higher sensitivity towards their clients’ health. So if you have any queries regarding health concerns, you can always contact the company or check the information provided online.

Rickard Tordis
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