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Tips for Selecting a Weight Bench

The weight bench is an important piece of fitness equipment if you are interested in lifting weights. There are different body positions you can use when you are lifting weights that are lying on your back, standing or seated. You can be in the seated and lying down positions when you are using a weight bench. Three are also other exercises you can do using a weight bench such as push-ups and dips.

The first thing you need to do when selecting a workout bench is to set a budget. You need to consider what is affordable to you. But you also need to think about selecting a weight bench that can last a long time even with a low price point. Think about what your goals are when it comes to weight lifting. If you want to increase the weight you can lift over time, you need to select a commercial bench that is very sturdy. But sometimes people want to maintain their strength.

This can be done with a general weight bench. If you are choosing the weight bench as one of the equipment you are buying for your home gym, you have to think about the versatility of the model you select due to space and budget constraints. You have to take your weightlifting goals into consideration when selecting a weight bench.

Think about your requirements and priorities. Weight benches come with different features. Sometimes the features it comes with can actually limit what you can do on it. So you have to list out your specific needs before you start looking for a weight bench. You can write down the exercise types you want to do taking into consideration other types of equipment you have in your home. You can then look into weight benches that suit your requirements.

Think about the dimensions of the weight benches you are looking a. Sometimes, these will not fit in the space you currently have in your home gym. So you need to measure the space you have at home to work out and select a bench that will fit in there. Keep in mind that you need space to extend your arms and for your legs to hang off the bench.

There are different types of weight benches you will come across. A simple option is the flat or adjustable weight bench. These will not have any additional features but they are highly portable. They are lightweight and you can use them to improve your workout. If you are including bench-pressing into your workout, you can select a barbell bench.

These come with a barbell rest integrated. There are also benches that come with a leg curl attachment. Then there are multifunctional benches that allow you to perform a wide range of exercises. These offer more versatility if you don’t have a lot of space in your home gym for a lot of equipment. There are also commercial weight benches but these are designed for gyms rather than home use.

Rickard Tordis
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